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I present the information in my site in a straightforward and down to earth fashion, with as little hype as possible.  I can teach you my lessons and if you are willing to learn and adapt, you will become a much better investor and learn to beat the market consistently.  Most people say "Yes, we want to learn" when in reality changing lifelong habits of greed, fear, and emotional decision-making is not as easy as it seems. 

Picking the low on stocks is easy for me- controlling my human tendencies is much harder. You may notice there are no penny stocks here, and no easy way to make a million - just a good and honest to God investing strategy that works.  While most investors look for an easy way to make lots of money, I look for an easy way to simply beat the market on a consistent basis.  Those investors looking for short cuts are, in my opinion, on a collision course with disaster.  

Trading involves risk! Do your own research or check with a registered financial advisor before investing in any stock or option.  The material presented on this internet website- may include specific buy and sell recommendations pertaining to stocks.  All picks listed on this site were derived from the Technical System, and are intended for informational purposes only. 

It should not be assumed that past performance is any guarantee of future results. Results obtained from the use of this information are not guaranteed to be profitable. It should be understood that investing or speculating in the financial markets involves risk and in some instances may result in either a partial or total loss of one's investment capital. 

The information on this internet website has been obtained from sources which are believed to be reliable, but cannot be guaranteed as to their accuracy or completeness. and its publisher, Moti Weinberg, may hold positions in securities mentioned herein, and may make purchases or sales from time to time in such securities. This may include any or all individual stocks featured on this website, past or present.  You may not hold these parties or their principals liable for any losses you may incur. and its publisher do not make any warranties whatsoever, either expressed or implied, about the profitability of these products or the apparent computer- generated recommendations that may result from the processing of the programs and/or the study of the results. 

The past 16 years have indeed been very bullish, and it is not wise to assume that future years will always be as good.  It is our opinion though that through proper money management, one can expect to strongly outperform the market on a consistent basis. The System average stock appreciation was calculated using all recommendations, but it is not likely or necessary for you to participate in all picks.  Accordingly, your returns may vary but if you scale into positions using the GetFolio scale methodology and spread your funds into a well diversified portfolio, your personal results, in the long run, should equal the system's results. 


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