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Beating the Market

It's not an Accident, it's a Strategy.

The "wonderful" results of most systems are often the result of computer modeling and the ability to pick the best curve to make the retrospective data appear the most positive. When followed prospectively, many of these models perform much more poorly. What makes GetFolio different? The system was developed and tested, using real money on thousands of stocks in both bear and bull markets. Unlike other professional system developers who make their systems look good by optimizing their results to fit a favorable time frame or market condition, the results of the GetFolio strategy are based on fixed risk/reward formulas regardless of any time period.

Two things does better than anyone else, and I guarantee it:

1. Ranking Stocks: For more than 20 years, GetFolio's Ranking System has accurately anticipated stocks' subsequent relative price performance. The Ranking System screens thousands of stocks, and accurately builds a great position in the stocks with the most potential. This Ranking System is the basis of all the recommendations GetFolio provides for you, and is a central component of the GetFolio Investment Strategy. 


2. Portfolio Management: The Position Manager is a remarkable investment tool that includes all the features (and more) that a money manager would use in building and managing a professional fund. By properly allocating your capital into a variety of high growth stocks, the Position Manager builds a Power Portfolio, which over the past 18 years has strongly outperformed the market.


Ask yourself a simple question: Is investing a hobby, or is it a serious business that you believe can make you real money? If it's a serious business, then what is it worth to ensure that you don't waste thousands of dollars, struggling to get ahead with risky and ineffective techniques? 

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