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"But will the dispelling of other poker myths (e.g., the validity of luck) improve the performances of poor players and chronic losers, thus decreasing the edge odds for the good player? On the whole, the answer would be no. A few poor players (those who would work to steadily improve their game even without the Manual) will benefit from the Manual. But most poor players are static players who will not use the Advanced Concepts of Poker or do anything to improve their game. 

Why? Consider the nature of chronic losers: Most chronic losers have deeply entrenched habits that militate against the ingredients of good poker--discipline, thought, and then control. The Advanced Concepts of Poker demand intensive discipline and continuous thought--the very efforts that chronic losers seek to avoid. In fact, they build elaborate rationalizations or excuses to avoid any such discipline and thought. They play poker to "relax" their minds. Applying the Advanced Concepts of Poker would contradict and threaten their rationalized excuses for losing.

"Revealing the Advanced Concepts of Poker to chronic losers is similar to revealing the logical advantages of being sober to chronic alcoholics, or revealing the unbeatable casino odds to inveterate gamblers. Few chronic losers will change their self-destructive habits when confronted with their errors.... On reading the Advanced Concepts of Poker, some chronic losers temporarily become wary of the good player and alert to some of his techniques. But in most cases, their alertness soon fades and their awareness sinks even lower because of a tranquil confidence that develops

From now "knowing" the good player's techniques and from "being savvy" to his tricks, they quickly let themselves forget that his techniques and deceptions continue to extract money from them. 

"Yet any loser at any time can choose to use his mind to make himself a winner. The mind is the instrument required to use the Advanced Concepts Poker Winners make themselves winners by choosing to effectively use their minds. And losers make themselves losers by choosing to default on the effective use of their minds. Responsibility for the results of poker rests squarely and solely on the individual. 


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