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Not a day goes by that our support center does not get an email from a potential subscriber asking for a trial subscription. The emails typically all have the same theme: They have signed up to numerous supposedly "great" strategies or newsletters, but in real life, none have performed as advertised, and they felt like they got cheated out of their subscription costsWhy is it a surprise to them that the newsletters have not performed as advertised? Do they ever?

What most investors miss in their glorified vision of successful investing, is the fact that in real life, the individual investor plays a much bigger role than the newsletter they subscribe too. In fact, the real lesson to all investors should be the fact that making money in the market is not just about stock advice; it's about position sizing. An even bigger shocker may be the fact that about 80% of all investors lack the discipline to follow a coherent strategy, and instead jump from one strategy to another, blaming the investment gurus for their lack of success.

The GetFolio Investment Strategy, and its money management components, are all based on a long-term horizon.  For us to offer monthly trials would imply that we beat the market on a monthly basis, and we do not.  What we do is beat the market on a yearly basis. That is what we sell, and what we guarantee.

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