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About William Ragsdale

William Ragsdale began Good Fortune in 1990, after serving for 20 years as founder and CEO of Dorado Systems, an electronics manufacturer that made airport security systems (which he sold in 1995). After investing as a hobby, and developing a pension plan for his company, he formalized his market knowledge with a MS degree from Stanford Business School, and three years of post-graduate work in statistics.

About Good Fortune

The Good Fortune ( investment advisory letter uses a statistical model to achieve superior investment returns using Fidelity sector funds. The Good Fortune Advisory Letter is both a mutual fund trading system, market timing service, and source of financial life-cycle planning. It provides timely information, specific buy/sell instructions, and an informative editorial.

Each Thursday, starting at 4:00pm, William Ragsdale adds the latest market data. Then his analytic computer program creates the priority list of funds, from best to worse. It then confirms the optimum choice for growth, diversification, and income. William Ragsdale then writes-up the results, along with commentary and a brief editorial on an investment, retirement, tax, or legacy topic.

Good Fortune's investment approach is built on the following principles:

  • Fund Selection They select mutual funds by a statistical computer model, which ranks the best funds to hold based on their targeted gain over the next eight weeks.

  • Trading Good Fortune usually requires 6-9 actions a year, structured to avoid short-term exchange fees. They exchange on days known to have lowest market volatility. After Fidelity's one-time 3% charge, there are no further commissions or loads. As their holding periods are well under one year, they pay a lot of short-term capital gains tax.

  • Asset Allocation Good Fortune provides three investment plans for Maximum Compounding, Diversification, and Income. They guide subscribers on the highest gains in their early years, and then how to diversify across the plans as their portfolio grows above $100,000

Good Fortune Contact Information

Dorado/IDS Corp.
P.O. Box 1500
Woodland, CA 95776
(503) 661-7394

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