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About Vickers Stock Research

Vickers Stock Research ( and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Argus Research Group. The Argus Group also includes Argus Research Corporation, Argus Investors' Counsel, Inc, and Argus Vickers American Equity Research LTD.

In 1977 Argus acquired Vickers. The subsequent purchase of Stock Research Corporation in 1983 led to the creation of Vickers Stock Research Corporation. Combining the talents of Stock Research, an analyzer of insider trading, with Vickers, a tracker of the holdings of institutions, enables Vickers Stock Research to provide the most up-to-date information on transactions and holdings of corporate officials, significant shareholders and institutions. Data is provided electronically, on-line, via the internet, hard copy publications and newsletters.

The principal sources of data are documents filed with the SEC, and portfolios furnished directly to Vickers Stock Research by US and international investors. Coverage includes:

  • Insider Trading (from SEC Forms 3, 4 and 144)

  • 5% Holders (from SEC forms 13D, 13G and 14d-1)

  • Institutional Holders (from SEC forms 13F, n30-d and voluntary filings)

  • Non US Institutional Holders (from voluntary filings)

Subscribers to Vickers Stock Research can create reports and customizable watchlists based on any of the above data.

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Vickers Stock Research

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