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About Ron Rowland

Ron Rowland is Editor of All Star Fund Trader, and President of and Capital Cities Asset Management, Inc. He serves as the Mutual Fund Special Interest Group Leader for the Austin Chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII). Ron Rowland also frequently speaks at major investment conferences, and has been featured in major financial publications and television shows.

Ron Rowland graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1978 with a BS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and subsequently worked in the high-tech industry. He held positions in programming, chip design, simulation, commodity analysis, contract negotiations, and project management. Ron Rowland became a Registered Investment Advisor in 1990, and launched The Sector Ace, an investment newsletter specializing in sector mutual fund trading. In 1993, Ron Rowland co-founded Capital Cities Asset Management, Inc. (CCAM) to provide managed account services based on the investment strategies advocated in his newsletter publications. He resigned his position as Senior Engineering Manager for IBM Systems Communications Development in January 1994 in order to devote full time to CCAM's mutual fund advisory  and managed account services. At the beginning of 1995, The Sector Ace newsletter expanded its mutual fund coverage beyond sector funds, and the name was changed to All Star Funds to reflect the expanded scope of the publication. In 1999, the newsletter's name was changed again to All Star Fund Trader.


All Star Fund Trader uses Relative Strength Momentum for investing in mutual funds. Their proprietary models rank hundreds of funds to reveal the strongest market sectors, and their model portfolios tell subscribers exactly how to invest their money.

Subscribers receive a monthly newsletter along with updates by e-mail twice per week. The newsletter breaks down the top mutual funds (with a greater emphasis on Fidelity, ProFunds, and Rydex funds) and ETFs based on relative strength and momentum. The primary investment strategy is to overweight model portfolios in those sectors of the market that are performing well, and avoid those sectors that are not performing well. By using mutual funds and ETFs as the investment vehicles, transaction costs remain low and risk can be effectively managed. The newsletter contains four model portfolios with different investment objectives, implemented with either no-load mutual funds, Fidelity Select funds, or exchange traded funds. also offers the All Star Equity Trader newsletter. Its objective is aggressive growth in any market environment. They expect moderate to high volatility in their portfolio, in line with or somewhat below what might be expected from a typical aggressive portfolio. They attempt to control this volatility using diversification, market timing techniques, and short selling.

The All Star Equity Trader strategy attempts to identify sectors and styles of stocks that are exhibiting a strong upward or downward trend that is likely to continue into the future. Then they identify individual stocks within the hottest or weakest sectors, and invest accordingly. Typically, they maintain a high degree of concentration in the best performing, or weakest performing, sectors. Their stop los discipline and potential use of short sales helps augment their performance attributes. The holding period for their positions can be as short as one week, to as long as a year.

Recommendations for All Star Equity Trader are updated every Friday evening, and posted online. Contact Information

All Star Funds
P.O. Box 203427
Austin, TX 78720-3427

The above description was assembled using information from the publisher's site. All registered or unregistered trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners, and no trademark rights to the same are claimed.

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There are quite a variety of investment newsletter services available to investors today, which achieve a decent track record. In reality, however, many newsletters have not translated well for most investors that subscribe to them. The reason? Money management. Without the proper position sizing using the right money management tool, you are only dealing with half the formula for success.

Let's face it: if there was one consistently successful investment newsletter, then the word would spread rapidly, and that one investment newsletter would have more customers than the population of China. The reality is that there has never been such a success. Why? Because in the final analysis, 8 out of 10 investors fail due to one simple reason: position sizing.

The majority of investors who subscribe to investment newsletters think that the process is as simple as "Just give me your recommendations and let me become as successful as you are". Unfortunately, as money managers know, entry points account for very little in the overall success of a portfolio. is one of the few subscription services that discusses asset allocation. However, all good money management concepts tend to share the same basic logic. The GetFolio Position Manager is a complete and thorough live tool for the practical application of strict money management rules, without emotional obstacles.  

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