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About Roger Conrad

Roger Conrad is the editor of Utility Forecaster, Canadian Edge, and Utility & Income. He is also associate editor of Personal Finance, where he regularly writes the Income Report. Roger Conrad is the author of Power Hungry: Strategic Investing in Telecommunications, Utilities, and Other Essential Services, and co-author of Market Timing for the Nineties and The Agile Investor with Stephen Leeb.

Roger Conrad has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory University, and a Master of International Management degree from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird).

About Utility Forecaster

Roger Conrad founded the Utility Forecaster ( newsletter in 1989. He tracks a more than 250 essential services securities, employing a rigorous five-stage methodology that includes a proprietary safety rating system and a value index that compares prospective total returns with a security's current price-to-earnings ratio. Subscribers to the Utility Forecaster receive monthly issues of the newsletter, access to, as well as special publications including 5 Bounce-Back Stocks and The Top 200 and Why They're Hot.

About Canadian Edge

Canadian Edge ( is a monthly, web-based newsletter. Subscribers are informed by e-mail at the beginning of each month when a new issue of Canadian Edge is released. The e-mail itself gives an overview of the current Canadian trust scene, plus links to the complete issue on the web. In addition, subscribers also receive Flash Alerts whenever Roger Conrad has urgent news about any of their trusts.

Each issue of Canadian Edge provides:

  • Roger Conrad's Top 10 Portfolio His 10 favorite best-run, most reliable Canadian income trusts, across a variety of industries.

  • High Yield of the Month He digs into a different super-high yielder each month, to determine if subscribers should snap it up or drop it.

  • The Master Ratings A comprehensive list of all 150 or so trusts appropriate for US investors, along with comments on how their underlying businesses are doing, upcoming developments, key numbers, dividend strength, and whether to buy, sell, or hold (and at what price).

  • Feature Story Coverage of a key trust or trust sector.

  • Live Price Feeds for Accurate Quotes and Dividends Live data feeds from the Toronto Stock Exchange.

  • Dividend Watch List After analyzing earnings and payout ratios, Roger Conrad flags any cash-weak trusts in his "How They Rate" table.

  • Mutual Fund Safety Rankings Some Canadian trust mutual funds finance their dividends with capital gains and leverage, not just distributions received from trusts they own. Subscribers receive these mutual funds' payout ratios based on distributions from holdings alone.

  • New members receive up to seven special reports prepared especially for trust investors.

About Utility & Income

Utility Income is a free e-mail newsletter available at Updated 4-6 times each month, each issue covers the market's highest-yielding Canadian trusts as well as electric, telephone, water, and natural gas utilities.

Utility Forecaster, Canadian Edge, and Utility & Income Contact Information

KCI Communications, Inc.
1750 Old Meadow Road, Suite 301
McLean, VA 22102

The above description was assembled using information from the publisher's site. All registered or unregistered trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners, and no trademark rights to the same are claimed.

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