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About Robert Hsu

Robert Hsu is a native of Taiwan, but raised and educated in California. He speaks fluent Mandarin, and can read and write Chinese. Robert Hsu was a private money manager for Goldman Sachs, retiring at the age of 30 as a millionaire. He now runs his own private money management firm, Absolute Return Capital Advisors LLC, and focuses on investment opportunities in China.

Robert Hsu reads Chinese newspapers every day, and makes frequent trips to China. He has a network of analysts who are Chinese citizens, who give Robert Hsu up-to-the-minute, firsthand insight into Chinese culture, business, and government.

About Inside China Dispatch

Inside China Dispatch, available at, is a free weekly investment newsletter, delivered by e-mail. Its focus is to help American investors understand the investment opportunities opening up in china, and how to steer away from any traps.

About China Strategy

Robert Hsu's China Strategy ( is a monthly newsletter, available by paid subscription. In China Strategy, Robert Hsu takes a in-depth look at different the "China Miracle", or the staggering economic growth taking place in China as it modernizes and shifts to a market-driven economy, and what it means to investors. He discusses opportunities to take and dangers to avoid, and thoughts on current holdings. Each 8-page issue is delivered by mail and posted online. Robert Hsu also provides weekly updates with his latest advice on current investments and China strategies, as well as Flash Alerts any time there is an immediate buy or sell action. also has a portfolio that contains all China Strategy recommendations, with buy-below prices and brief comments on each stock, and how it is positioned to benefit from the China Miracle.

Inside China Dispatch and China Strategy Contact Information

Phillips Investment Resources, LLC
2420A Gehman Lane
Lancaster, PA 17602

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