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About Neil Macneale

Neil Macneale is a Registered Investment Advisor and Editor of the 2 for 1 newsletter (

A retired General Contractor, Neal Macneale has had a passion for stock market investing for over 25 years. His family's retirement account had been in the hands of a money manager who was a "value" investor of the Buffet and Graham school. Although the account did well, in early 1996, Neil Macneale acted on a desire to get back into the active management of his IRA account. Studying a theory of stock picking that involved companies who announced 2 for 1 splits, he developed a procedure for picking and managing stocks that showed promise. Numerous test portfolios were tried and, at the end of July 1996, $50,000 was invested in a real IRA account that reflected the best of the test portfolios. Each month, a statement of that account is published on the last page of the 2 for 1 newsletter.

About 2 for 1

The 2 for 1 newsletter offers a stock picking method using the signal provided by recently-announced stock splits. It follows its own recommendations in a real IRA account that exactly mirrors the 2 for 1 selections.

2 for 1 is designed for IRAs, Roth IRAs, college funds or other savings accounts, and provides a consistent and easy-to-follow portfolio management procedure.

2 for 1 Contact Information

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Manage Your Portfolio with the Position Manager

There are quite a variety of investment newsletter services available to investors today, which achieve a decent track record. In reality, however, many newsletters have not translated well for most investors that subscribe to them. The reason? Money management. Without the proper position sizing using the right money management tool, you are only dealing with half the formula for success.

Let's face it: if there was one consistently successful investment newsletter, then the word would spread rapidly, and that one investment newsletter would have more customers than the population of China. The reality is that there has never been such a success. Why? Because in the final analysis, 8 out of 10 investors fail due to one simple reason: position sizing.

The majority of investors who subscribe to investment newsletters think that the process is as simple as "Just give me your recommendations and let me become as successful as you are". Unfortunately, as money managers know, entry points account for very little in the overall success of a portfolio. Find out why! is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Neil Macneale or

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