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About Michael Shulman

Michael Shulman is the Editor of ChangeWave Biotech Investor (, and was previously the Editor of ChangeWave Hedge Fund Investing. He also served as Managing Director of Research for ChangeWave Research for 4 years, where he produced technology and healthcare research for financial institutions.

Michael Shulman joined ChangeWave after spending 20 years in various high-tech industries. He was CEO of (now Primewire), a benefits administration application service provider he founded in 1998.

Michael Shulman began his career doing in-depth company and market analysis for a variety of companies, building databases and simulation models to estimate the success of various technologies across a wide range of market segments. He then became a manager at high-tech companies, including AT&T. Shulman was an early private investor in several Internet start-ups, notably (went public in 1998 and bought by NBC in 1999). He currently sits on the Executive Board of NextGen Capital, a venture fund based in Fairfax, VA, is Chairman and Board member of Primewire, and sits on the Advisory Boards of and Brainbench.

About ChangeWave Biotech Investor

Changewave Biotech Investor uses the research capabilities of the ChangeWave Research Alliance, coupled with ongoing analysis from their colleagues at BioMedTracker, to identify the best opportunities in the biotech world: Those where risk is kept as low as possible, and the profit opportunity is nearly unlimited. They invest in 3 types of biotechs:

  • Bleeding Edge Biotechs Early-stage companies with the greatest risk and greatest potential reward.

  • Small Emerging Biotechs Companies still without revenue, but deep into the clinical trial process.

  • Mature Biotechs These are companies who have proven science and drugs, plus they are growing many times faster than traditional drug companies.

The weekly Biotech Investor E-Letter is delivered by e-mail each Thursday. They give subscribers detailed updates on recommended companies; full buy/sell instructions; new additions to their portfolio; updates on the science behind their picks; and more.

Biotech Investor Flash Alerts are also sent out whenever market conditions dictate, or they have urgent news or trading instructions about individual stocks. Subscribers also have access to the Biotech Investor Members-Only web site, where they can read current and past advice and updates, track holdings, view open and closed positions, and more.

ChangeWave Biotech Investor Contact Information

ChangeWave Customer Service
2420 Gehman Lane
Lancaster, PA 17602

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