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About Larry Swing

Larry Swing is CEO of, and creator of the Swingtrading methodology. Swingtrading is based on up/down trends. An uptrend is a series of successive rallies that extend though previous high points, interrupted by declines which terminate above the low point of the preceding sell-off. A downtrend is a series of successive declines that extend though previous low points, interrupted by increases which terminate below the high point of the preceding rally.

The Long Swing identifies buying opportunities in stocks that are in clear uptrends on the daily chart. In addition, the stock must be experiencing a minor decline/pullback within the context of this uptrend, allowing the purchase of the stock at a discount to its recent prices. These declines identify the start of a long swing trade. Subscribers enter the market using a trailing buy-stop. When the trend is up and the daily trend declines, it activates a trailing buy-stop technique: place a buy order 1/16 above the high of the previous day. If prices break out, it will be stopped out when the rally takes out the previous high. If prices decline, the buy-stop will not be touched.

The Short Swing identifies shorting opportunities in stocks that are in clear downtrends on the daily chart. In addition, the stock must be experiencing a minor rally as part of this downtrend. These increases identify the start of a short swing trade. Subscribers enter the market using a trailing sell-stop. When the trend is down and the daily trend rallies, it activates a trailing sell-stop technique: place an order to sell short 1/16 below the low of the previous day. As soon as the market turns down below the previous low, it will be stopped out on the short side. If prices rally, the sell-stop will not be touched.


To help subscribers find opportunities, offers two products:

  • MrSwing Lite sends you a list of swing opportunities before the stock market opens on Monday.

  • SwingTracker ( is a real-time software application that allows you to chart, track and scan for effective trading opportunities. SwingTracker has real-time scanning capabilities for you to catch intraday moves, and it has built in scans and multi time frame charts. You can also customize everything and create your own scans or use the preprogrammed ones.

MrSwing Contact Information
14781 Memorial Dr.
Office #991
Houston, TX 77079

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