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About Kevin Kennedy

Kevin Kennedy publishes The Coolcat Explosive Small Cap Growth Stock Report ( He uses several unique stock screens to unearth stocks with the best potential for large gains. Kevin Kennedy believes successful investors focus on:

  • Buying when the general market is positive; stay on the sidelines or go short when it isn't.

  • Developing buying criteria that they are comfortable with.

  • Developing selling criteria that enables them to cut losses and take regular profits, while having the patience to hold positions for big gains.

  • Using basic technical analysis to help with buy and sell decisions.

About The Coolcat Explosive Small Cap Growth Stock Report

Established in 1997, The Coolcat Explosive Small Cap Growth Stock Report focuses on the top-performing Nasdaq small cap and microcap stocks. Delivered by e-mail 26 times a year, also includes market timing and commentary, a model portfolio and more. Coolcat Report subscribers also receive occasional updates between reports.

The Coolcat Explosive Small Cap Growth Stock Report Contact Information

Coolcat Report
7555 N. Del Mar Ave., Suite 205
Fresno, CA 93711

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Manage Your Portfolio with the Position Manager

There are quite a variety of investment newsletter services available to investors today, which achieve a decent track record. In reality, however, many newsletters have not translated well for most investors that subscribe to them. The reason? Money management. Without the proper position sizing using the right money management tool, you are only dealing with half the formula for success.

Let's face it: if there was one consistently successful investment newsletter, then the word would spread rapidly, and that one investment newsletter would have more customers than the population of China. The reality is that there has never been such a success. Why? Because in the final analysis, 8 out of 10 investors fail due to one simple reason: position sizing.

The majority of investors who subscribe to investment newsletters think that the process is as simple as "Just give me your recommendations and let me become as successful as you are". Unfortunately, as money managers know, entry points account for very little in the overall success of a portfolio. Find out why! is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Kevin Kennedy or

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