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About Ken Trester

Ken Trester is the Managing Editor of Maximum Options ( Trester started trading options when the first exchanges opened in 1973. He has an MBA and worked as a stock broker and an investment manager. Ken Trester has been a computer science professor at Golden West College, where he also taught a course on stock options trading. Ken Trester only recommends cheap, underpriced options, using a computer modeling system to find which options are underpriced.

About Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter is the Senior Editor of Maximum Options. Carter began as an investment advisor in 1986, and has edited several financial newsletters. He holds an economics degree from the University of California. Jeff Carter and has worked with Ken Trester for more than 12 years, having been a guest speaker at Ken Trester's investment seminars.

Jeff Carter has a three-pronged options investment strategy. First, he identifies stocks that are undervalued and have little downside risk. Then Carter uses timing indicators that tell him when the market is reawakening to the stocks, and the odds of a prolonged uptrend have increased. Next, Jeff Carter looks for LEAP options on stocks that are undervalued according to Ken Trester's pricing models. He also looks for fundamental undervaluation by comparing the LEAP's breakeven price with future price estimates for the stock. Finally, to reduce risk even more and magnify return, Jeff Carter recommends shorter-term "covered calls" to sell against the Leap positions. In the past, Carter has been able to reduce a LEAP's purchase price down to zero using this tactic, ending up with what amounted to a "free" investment.

About Maximum Options

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Maximum Options Contact Information

Phillips Investment Resources, LLC
9420 Key West Ave
Rockville, MD 20850

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