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About Josh Levine

Joshua Z. Levine is the editor of ChangeWave MicroCap Investor (, a newsletter advisory service focused on small stocks with market capitalizations under $250 million. He was also formerly the editor of NextWave (, which was acquired by ChangeWave Research in 2002.

Josh Levine amassed 20 years of expertise uncovering and analyzing micro cap stocks on Wall Street and around the world, prior to dedicating his talents to ChangeWave, where he also serves as Technology Editor at ChangeWave Research. His experience includes creating the NextWave 100 (the first and only small-cap technology stock index), developing Technodynamic Investing (a proprietary methodology for analyzing and valuing technology stocks) and building, which captured a "Best of the Web" honor from Money Magazine.

Previously, as an investment banker, Josh Levine analyzed venture-stage technology companies and played a role in several phases of public and private equity offerings. He also launched 3 business newsletters, and has written numerous articles on finance and technology for leading general and trade publications.

About ChangeWave MicroCap Investor

The ChangeWave MicroCap Investor is a service for speculators (not traders) with long time horizons and strong stomachs for volatility. It focuses on the same investment strategy as ChangeWave Investing -- looking for pure plays on their favorite fast-growing waves of change --- only this time, in the arena of the "microcap underworld".

ChangeWave MicroCap Investor Contact Information

ChangeWave Customer Service
2420 Gehman Lane
Lancaster, PA 17602

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