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About Jeremy Siegel

Jeremy Siegel is the Russell E. Palmer Professor of Finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He served for 15 years as the head of economics training at JP Morgan, and is currently the academic director of the US Securities Industry Institute. Jeremy Siegel is a member of the board of directors for WisdomTree Investments, Inc., and also serves as Senior Investment Strategy Advisor, consulting the firm on its proprietary stock indexes.

Jeremy Siegel has written and lectured extensively about the economy and financial markets, and appears frequently on CNN, CNBC, NPR, and other networks. He is a regular columnist for Kiplinger's and Yahoo! Finance, and has contributed articles to The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, The Financial Times, and other national and international news media. Jeremy Siegel is the author of three books, including: Stocks for the Long Run, and The Future for Investors: Why the Tried and True Triumph over the Bold and New.

Jeremy Siegel has partnered with Shaun Smith to provide day-to-day support for the development of

About is dedicated to providing research and insight that helps both financial service professionals and individual investors understand and profit from future developments in the economy and financial markets. provides material that supports Jeremy Siegel's believe in the advantages of long term investing.

Subscribers have access to:

  • Weekly Market Newsletter A newsletter delivered by e-mail, where Prof. Siegel weighs in on market moving events and economic releases that impact your portfolio.

  • Updated Investment Strategies In The Future for Investors, Jeremy Siegel discusses how high dividend-yield based investment strategies, such as the Dow 10, the S&P 10, Dow Core 10, S&P Core 10, and the high yield quintile form the S&P 500. At the end of each month, he sends updated lists of which stocks qualify for these strategies.

  • Fair Market Value Tool This serves as a barometer for the market's valuation, by comparing yields on government bonds to the valuation and earnings yields of the stock market. This tool helps subscribers identify when the stock market possesses attractive opportunities, and is e-mailed each month.

  • Sentiment Indicators Using information gathered from Investors Intelligence, Inc., Jeremy Siegel has devised a ratio comparing the number of bullish to bearish market reports, resulting in an accurate measure of investor sentiment. These charts guide subscribers towards higher returns by providing the current level of investor sentiment, indicating opportune investment movements.

  • Free Copy of The Future for Investors

  • Flash Bulletins of Market Moving Events Jeremy Siegel's opinion of what's happening when a big market event occurs, by e-mail.

  • Proprietary Research Access to Jeremy Siegel's comprehensive financial market data since 1802, including calculated returns, yields, and change in various indices.

  • Presentations and Slides from Past Seminars Contact Information

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