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About Jack Adamo

Jack Adamo is the publisher of the Insiders PLUS investment newsletter.

Jack Adamo began educating himself in the ways of the stock market in the early eighties, subsequently returning to college to become a CPA. He became interested in insider transactions when, after reading glowing broker recommendations of MCI stock, Jack Adamo noticed that MCI insiders had been rapidly selling shares. After some investigation, he learned that the company had just spoken enthusiastically of the company's prospects to stock analysts. Several months later, when the insiders were safely out of the stock, it took a big drop on a disappointing quarterly performance.

With this lesson as his inspiration, Jack Adamo learned the intricacies of the rules for reporting insider transactions. He studied published academic reports on the subject, and did his own statistical research on years of reported data. In 1992, the company that would eventually become Insiders PLUS was formed. After uncovering profitable insider gems for his clients, Jack Adamo was invited to write a newsletter on insider transactions for a large publisher of financial newsletters. After three-and-a-half years, Jack decided to publish Insiders PLUS.

About Insiders PLUS

Insiders PLUS, available at, is a weekly newsletter that provides guidance on investment opportunities with superior risk-to-reward probabilities, primarily in three areas:

  • Insider transactions Transactions in which high-ranking executives or board members of a company buy or sell significant amounts of their company's stock. This is sometimes an early indication of the future direction of the stock's price. However, these transaction require expert interpretation because, over the last few years, companies have learned to stage insider buying in order to make it appear that their executives are optimistic about their company's outlook. This practice is especially prevalent in distressed companies. Insider selling can also be distorted due to the abuse of stock options compensation, which give executives excessive amounts of stock to sell. Insiders PLUS never recommends a stock based solely on insider buying. All potential recommendations are subject to rigorous financial analysis, then are screened for timeliness using technical analysis tools.

  • Special situations These are generally one of three things: A stock that is significantly mis-priced because of short-term problems that Insiders PLUS believes witll change within a reasonable timeframe; A stock whose tangible asset value significantly exceeds its stock price, for which InsidersPLUS sees a catalyst to realizing that value; Insiders plus finds a stock that they believe will grow earnings at a pace faster than the market anticipates.

  • Option writing This is a conservative investment strategy that yields better-than-conservative results. While buying options is a very speculative strategy, resulting in losses for most people who employ it, those who sell option contracts usually come out ahead. With a conservatively managed portfolio of buy/write options, the premium collected on stock options will usually offset any declien in stock price between the time the option is written and the time the stock gets called away.

In order to allow them to recommend small caps without forcing their prices up through bidding amongst their subscribers, Insiders PLUS limits its subscriber base to 3,000 subscribers at any one time.

Insiders PLUS Contact Information

Insiders PLUS
(973) 202-7344

The above description was assembled using information from the publisher's site. All registered or unregistered trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners, and no trademark rights to the same are claimed.

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