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About Highlight Investment Research

Highlight Investment Research provides volume and technical analysis based on the volume of major stock market indexes. They provide volume-based trading systems and market timing to aid in forecasting the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, and other indexes. Highlight Investment Research believes intraday volume of stock indexes is the best gauge of market activity.

Highlight Investment Research provides corporate and institutional members proprietary technical analysis tools at They also offer several web sites for individual investors.

About Stock Market Sentiment

Stock Market Sentiment ( is a free service that was developed in order to provide a wide range of traders with up-to-date market sentiment reports on the U.S. Stock market. The opinions of traders about the indexes are collected and reported on Navigation tools in the Poll Results section give you the ability to review daily sentiment reports about the U.S. market. Reports can be filtered to view specific timeframes, and reports for different timeframes can be compared.

About MarketVolumeTM

MarketVolume ( provides real time Java charts for all the major stock market indexes, with intraday volume technical analysis for long-, mid- and short-term investors. MarketVolumeTM provides a market timing system to aid in forecasting the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, and other indexes. Its main product is volume-based technical analysis for timing QQQ, SPDRs, Diamonds, and other index derivatives.

About QQQ Trading System

QQQ Trading System ( provides updated trading signals, market stage, and market status of the NASDAQ 100 index for trading QQQQ. Options trading signals are provided for mid- and long-term traders who want to make only 10 to 15 conservative trades per year, but still want to make a high return. The goal of their signals is to double an investment in 6 months.

About SPDRS Trading System

SPDRS Trading System ( is for conservative, long-term players who don't want to worry about their investments. SPDRs are index shares for the S&P 500 index (SPY). Signals for trend-trading or swing-trading (2-15 days) are given. No options are traded.

About DOW Trading System

DOW Trading System ( is a market timing system for trading Dow Jones index derivatives. It is based on a set of advanced volume analytics which Highlight Investment Research analysts go through every day, before issuing a recommendation. DOW Trading System is designed for 15-30 trades per year.

About Options Trading System

Options Trading System ( is for QQQQ option traders who don't mind a higher amount of risk in their investment portfolio. Subscribers receive daily emails, with the name of the underlying security, strike prices, expiration dates, and entry & exit prices.

About MutualFund Trading System

MutualFund Trading System ( is a trading system that relies on advanced, volume-based analysis of the indexes for which the mutual funds themselves track. It focuses on a high degree of security, and averages 5 to 10 trades per year.

Highlight Investment Research Contact Information

Highlight Investments Inc.
177 Telegraph Rd., Suite 484
Bellingham, WA 98226

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