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About George Kleinman

George Kleinman is the President of Commoditiy Resource Corp. (CRC), a futures advisory and trading firm that assists individual speculative traders, as well as institutional and corporate hedgers. He founded CRC in 1983. In 2005, George Kleinman launched his e-mail advisory service for individual investors, Futures Market Forcaster.

George Kleinman has been trading full-time since 1978, entering the business with Merrill Lynch Commodities. He has been an Exchange member for over 25 years, having been a board member of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, and a current member of the New York Mercantile Exchange, COMEX division. George Kleinman is also the author of three books on commodity futures trading.

About Futures Market Forecaster

George Kleinman's strategy is to identify trends and then jump on for the ride. He generally will not try to pick tops and bottoms; instead he tries to grab a piece out of the middle of a move once the trend is established. Although he uses a number of technical indicators, George Kleinman is not a "systems trader." He won't blindly follow a signal; he always wants to know the context, the current environment, what's influencing the market.

Futures Market Forecaster ( follows 25 markets. George Kleinman recommends what he feels are the best opportunities each month. Generally, his trades last from a few days to a few weeks, but if he gets a sustained trend, he looks to do some pyramiding and attempt a bigger run. He also places stop orders on all his trades, uses position sizing and option strategies to limit the potential risk.

Subscribers receive e-mail trade alerts at any time that George Kleinman recommends a new position, changes stops on a current position, or closes a position. He provides instructions on what action to take, his analysis and reasons, and the projected risk and reward parameters. Subscribers also have unlimited access to, which features daily updates on current open positions, trade-alert archives, complete portfolio results, special reports, and more.

About Commodities Trends

Commodities Trends, a free, bi-weekly e-newsletter available at and, provides George Kleinman's trading strategies and secrets that help subscribers keep up on the latest trends and developments in the commodities markets, including agricultural products, energy, metals, currencies, and stock indices.

Futures Market Forecaster and Commodities Trends Contact Information

KCI Communications, Inc.
1750 Old Meadow Road, Suite 301
McLean, VA 22102

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