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About George Gilder

George Gilder is Chairman of Gilder Publishing LLC. Gilder Publishing produces the Gilder Technology Report ( and the annual Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference, both of which offer elite analysis of ascending and disruptive technologies affecting management and investment decisions of investors, executives, engineers and entrepreneurs. George Gilder is also a Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute, where he directs Discovery's program on high technology and public policy.

While attending Harvard University, George Gilder studied under Henry Kissinger and helped found Advance, a journal of political thought, which he edited and helped to re-establish in Washington, DC after his graduation in 1962. During this period he co-authored (with Bruce Chapman) The Party That Lost Its Head. He later returned to Harvard as a fellow at the Kennedy Institute of Politics and editor of the Ripon Forum. In the 1960s, George Gilder also served as a speechwriter for several prominent official and candidates, including Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney, and Richard Nixon. In the 1970s, as an independent researcher and writer, George Gilder began an excursion into the causes of poverty, which resulted in his books Men and Marriage (1972) and Visible Man (1978); and hence, of wealth, which led to Wealth and Poverty (1981).

George Gilder pioneered the formulation of supply-side economics when he served as Chairman of the Lehrman Institute's Economic Roundtable, as Program Director for the Manhattan Institute, and as a frequent contributor to A.B. Laffer's economic reports and the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal. In the 1980s, he also consulted leaders of America's high technology businesses.

In 1996, George Gilder was made a Fellow of the International Engineering Consortium. The investigation into wealth creation led Gilder into deeper examination of the lives of present-day entrepreneurs, culminating in many articles and a book, The Spirit of Enterprise (1986). The book was revised and republished in 1992. That many of the most interesting current entrepreneurs were to be found in high technology fields also led George Gilder, over several years, to examine this subject in depth. In his book, Microcosm (1989), he explored the quantum roots of the new electronic technologies. A subsequent book, Life After Television, was a prophecy of the future of computers and telecommunications and a prelude to his book on the future of telecommunications, Telecosm (2000).

About The Gilder Technology Report

The Gilder Technology Report is a monthly technology investment newsletter that seeks new breakthroughs stemming from paradigms of technological progress that are reshaping the global economy and opening the way to huge gains in wealth. The Gilder Technology Report seeks venture equities that project orders-of-magnitude gains. Focusing on companies and technologies that are pivotal to the new era, it is written by George Gilder, Nick Tredennick, Charlie Burger, and Bret Swanson. The Gilder Technology Report carries a table with summations of ascendant technologies and representative companies in the Gilder Paradigm.

Subscribers to also receive:

  • Access to the subscriber-only message board, the Telecosm Lounge.

  • A free subscription to the Gilder Friday Letter, with weekly news from the Telecosmic high frontier to the nanodepths of the Microcosm, as well as commentary on the new economy, Wall Street, and politics.

  • Discounted admission to the Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference, hosted annually by George Gilder and Steve Forbes.

Gilder Technology Report Contact Information

Gilder Publishing, LLC
Attn: Gilder Technology Report
291A Main Street
Great Barrington, MA 01230

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