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About Elaine Garzarelli

Elaine Garzarelli was a partner and managing director at several major brokerage firms prior to starting Garzarelli Research, Inc. in 1995. She initially developed her Sector Analysis methodology for predicting industry earnings and the stock market while working as a corporate profit economist with her staff of econometricians. This methodology allowed her to predict the major trends in stock prices and the earnings of 80 S&P 500 industry groups. Elaine Garzarelli currently uses this mathematical approach for stock market timing and industry selection in producing her Sector Analysis Monthly Monitor. She issues this institutional report to clients managing over $100 million.

About Garzarelli Online

Elaine Garzarelli spends three weeks each month doing research (working with economists in the industries she covers and analyzing her industry earnings models). During the rest of the month, she presents her forecasts on the economy, the stock market, and specific industries to institutional clients. Garzarelli also reports her forecasts in the Garzarelli Online investment newsletter ( She recommends which industries to invest in, which stocks are attractive within those groups, and predicts the direction of the stock market. In addition, the issues contain Elaine Garzarelli's analysis of current economic events (i.e. Federal Reserve policy, inflation, and bond market analysis). Paid subscribers receive a notice via e-mail each month when the new Garzarelli Online newsletter is available and, based on market events, updates are posted as necessary.

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Garzarelli Capital, Inc.

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