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About EDGAR Online

EDGAR Online, Inc. ( is a provider of value-added global business and financial information. Co-founded by Marc and Susan Strausberg in 1995, EDGAR Online makes financial information and a variety of analysis tools available via online subscriptions and licensing agreements to professionals in financial institutions, corporations and law firms.

EDGAR Online Pro is a comprehensive source for all SEC filing information and corporate financial data. Subscribers can be alerted to new SEC filings; flag all 8-Ks, or just track the filings for selected companies.

EDGAR Online Access fulfills basic SEC filing needs and company research for non-professional subscribers needing less than 25 filings per month.

I•Metrix Professional allows analysts, auditors and corporate finance professionals to get data for multiple companies downloaded into one spreadsheet without leaving Excel.

EDGAR Online Contact Information

EDGAR Online, Inc.
50 Washington Street
9th Floor
Norwalk, CT 06854

The above description was assembled using information from the publisher's site. All registered or unregistered trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners, and no trademark rights to the same are claimed.

Manage Your Portfolio with the Position Manager

There is quite a variety of stock information services available to investors today. However, subscriptions to these services have not always proven their worth to individual investors. The reason? Money management. Without the proper position sizing using the right money management tool, you are only dealing with half the formula for success. 

Let's face it: if there was one consistently successful buy/sell indicator, then the word would spread rapidly, and that one information provider or investment guru would have more subscribers than the population of China. The reality is that there has never been such a success. Why? Because in the final analysis, 8 out of 10 investors fail due to one simple reason: position sizing.

The majority of investors who subscribe to stock information services and investment newsletters think that the process is as simple as "Just give me your recommendations and let me become as successful as you are". Unfortunately, as money managers know, entry points account for very little in the overall success of a portfolio. Find out why! is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, EDGAR Online, Inc.

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