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About David Fuller

David Fuller is a career analyst, writer, lecturer, and investor/trader. He is a director of Stockcube Research Ltd, where he is Global Strategist and producer of Fullermoney (

David Fuller started his financial career with stockbrokers Harris, Upham, and Co. Soon drawn to financial research and technical analysis, he also taught a course on the latter subject in 1969 at the New York Institute of Finance. Later that year, David Fuller became Director of Research at Chart Analysis Ltd., and subsequently bought out the company in the mid-1980s (later renaming it to Fullermarkets Ltd.). The firm joined EFM Technical Research in 1999 and formed a new company, Stockcube Research Ltd.

About Fullermoney

David Fuller developed his own practical approach to technical analysis, which he calls Behavioral Technical Analysis, combining chart facts (rather than theories), fundamental economic filters, and his understanding of investor psychology, to analyze the main stock, bond, currency, and commodity markets. David Fuller seeks to identify major trends and timing signals amongst the markets, in order to alert investors to opportunities and their corresponding risks.

Fullermoney features:

  • Subscribers Audio Recorded on most weekdays, these audio recordings include a review of the market action of the day, in terms of trend action, opportunities, and risks. David Fuller does not issue recommendations or discuss model portfolios; instead he tells you what he thinks, and why, and what he is doing with his own investments and trades (including tactics). David Fuller also reviews topical and important charts in the monitoring of trends and the assessing of potential and risk. Subscriber's questions of general interest are addressed at least once a week.

  • Comment of the Day David Fuller writes on markets, focusing on topical and timely issues. These frequently appear under the subheading "My View" in response to articles in the financial press or institutional research reports.

  • Outside Research Research reports produced by experienced analysts and subscribers.

  • Subscriber's Forum

Fullermoney Contact Information

Stockcube Research Ltd
Plaza 535, Kings Road
London SW10 0SZ U.K.
+44 (0)20 7352 5435

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