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About ArchInsight

ArchInsight's Pre-Cycle Investing uses a cycle-based approach to analyze small- and mid-cap stocks. Pre-Cycle stocks are generally less closely followed by Wall Street than large-cap stocks, presenting a window of opportunity for investors who seek out the "diamonds" among small companies. Smaller companies have the ability to sustain higher growth rates for a longer period of time, and ArchInsight's research indicates that stocks in these indices are undervalued by 20-40%.

The stocks that ArchInsight follows tend to be risky; they are subject to higher price volatility, which is why they look for stocks available at negligible, or throwaway prices, thus buying at a "margin of safety." Buying at a discount is how ArchInsight hedges their downside risk, and simultaneously captures the up-cycle move.

ArchInsight ( subscribers receive

  • ArchInsight's Pre-Cycle Investing newsletter, released on the first day of each month.

  • Bi-monthly updates that fill subscribers in on any recent structural changes in the companies ArchInsight has talked about, and their stock activity.

  • Flash Bulletins, released when anything unexpected or time-sensitive happens in the market that subscribers can profit from.

  • Sector Reports; a comprehensive look at an industry sector they think is ripe for reaping, plus an exposition of the key players in that sector.

  • All subscriber-only privileges on

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Arch Communications Group, LLC
New York, NY

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