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About Arch Crawford

Arch Crawford is the Editor of Crawford Perspectives (, and has been called "The Street's best known Astrologer" by Barron's.

Arch Crawford started watching the stock market when he was 13 and bought stock the following year. After studying math and physics at the University of North Carolina, he wrote up stock price changes in chalk at the Merrill Lynch office in Raleigh, NC. Transferring to New York later that year, Arch Crawford kept the weekly charts for Merrill's 45 industry specialists, and soon became the assistant to Technical Market Analyst Robert Farrell.

His interest in Astrological cycles was piqued by a front page article in The Wall Street Journal on April 16, 1963. Following extensive research into astrophysical phenomenon, astrology, and its correlation to market performance, Arch Crawford published the first issue of the Crawford Perspectives market timing newsletter in 1977. Arch Crawford also speaks at financial and astrological conferences around the world.

About Crawford Perspectives

Crawford Perspectives is published on the first Monday of each month. It combines technical analysis and planetary cycles research in timing the stock markets, bonds, gold, and the US dollar. Also available at are Crawford Hotline Updates: three-minute, twice daily telephone briefings with specific buy, sell, and protective stop-loss points for the futures of the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, gold, and 30-year bonds. A personal consulting service is also available, which includes telephone access to Arch Crawford.

Books related to market timing, technical analysis, and financial astrology are also available at

Crawford Perspectives Contact Information

Crawford Perspectives
6890 East Sunrise Drive
Suite 120-70
Tucson, AZ 85750-0840
(520) 577-1158

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